Sunday, January 25, 2009

Traditional North American songs, ballads and blues

Sara Grey, Kieron Means & Ben Paley

Rose's West End Bar, Lismore on Saturday January 31st at 9.00pm
"… Sara has gained a reputation not only for her excellent singing and playing … but also for the sheer warmth and enthusiasm that she radiates to her audience …" - Brighton’s "Friday Folk"

"… much loved and admired by almost anyone that has seen her sing …" - Bob Walton, Southern Rag

"… everything she does is characterised by freshness and enthusiasm … You couldn’t hear half a dozen bars and think it was somebody else … She is one of the select band of performers that still breathe life and vitality into traditional ballads …" - Vic Smith, Folk Roots

"… There are certain singers who have been involved with traditional music over many years – Ray Fisher and Sara Grey also spring to mind – for whom the arts of a singer and of a story teller merge to produce a web of tales and songs capable of transporting an audience from a club room to the intimacy of a kitchen fire side." - Brian Peters in a review of a Roy Harris performance, Folk Roots

"singing by turns restrained, triumphant, gentle, strong, fun and deeply emotional, but always with that beautiful rhythmic vitality that is Sara’s voice." - Molly Nudds, Prittle Prattle

"… clear singing done from the heart … my opinion is that her butterfly voice which expresses a lyric so well, needs only her banjo behind it to make a complete musical statement." - Roy Harris

"… An evening in her company is akin to sitting in a friend’s kitchen, drinking her wine and sharing her songs and stories. When it comes to an end, you feel at peace with the world." - Mick Tems, Taplas

A fantastic evening of voice, fiddle, guitar and banjo, and did I mention the storytelling?

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