Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Canadian Great: Stephen Fearing

Stephen Fearing
Saturday June 7th at 9.00pm in Roses' West End Bar, Lismore

It has been 20 years since songsmith Stephen Fearing released his self-titled debut. Over the following two decades, he has built up a very loyal and committed international audience, one sure to be delighted by his beautiful new recording.

Yellowjacket is Fearing’s eighth solo album and as always it features a potent combination of powerful and affecting lyrics, pure vocals and masterful musicianship. Yellowjacket also marks something of a breakthrough in Stephen’s approach to recording as he assumes the mantle of producer for the first time since his early albums. The result is a relaxed fluency vocal and guitar work and a unique sonic palette, which make this album distinctly different, again, from his previous releases.

I'm standing at a window; I'm pressed against the past;
I'm looking on in black and white through the eyes of photographs.

Stephen Fearing, "The Longest Road"


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