Sunday, May 11, 2008

High Energy Australian Blues

Friday May 16th, at 9.00pm, Rose's West End Bar, Lismor
The ‘wild man’ of Australian blues, Fitz hails from Queensland. Backed by his longtime drummer, Itchy, Fitz plays guitar (usually a metal-bodied resonator), stomps his foot and sings the blues with a physical presence and power that remind listeners of past blues greats like Son House and Charley Patton. In many ways, he is Australia’s counterpart to R.L. Burnside or T-Model Ford, playing gritty blues of mesmerising, deceptive simplicity.

The essence of every Hat Fitz and Itchy performance is control of mayhem. A single metal bodied resonator guitar hammers out modern tributes to masters long gone, all the while driven along relentlessly by the thunderous drumming of Itchy ridin shotgun.

Over the last twenty years, Fitz has toured regularly, playing at festivals around Australia (including thirteen successive years at the world renowned East Coast Blues festival), and in Europe. He has released nine independent CDs, including the 1998 encounter with guitar maestro Jeff Lang on The Silverbacks.

His repertoire includes his own interpretations of blues classics like ‘Shake ‘Em On Down’ and ‘Crawling King Snake’, as well as a swag of original songs. Thanks to Fitz’s telepathic rapport with Itchy, the duo can build their performances through a series of frenzied, almost-out-of-control crescendos.

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