Friday, April 25, 2008

Corrine West - music for a Summer's evening

Rose's West End Bar, Lismore on Saturday May 10th at 9.00 pm
There's magic in Corinne West's voice. It aches and breaks. It soars. It's clear, penetrating and washed in emotion. When she wraps that voice around songs as sublime as those on her latest CD, Second Sight, she's spellbinding. That's because she's unlocked the secret that so many singers spend entire careers looking for and never find.

It's right there on Second Sight. It's in every note and lyric. But most important, it's there in West's voice. What's the secret? Great singers are great communicators and every note sung can be a complete story in itself.

She knows giving listeners an unfettered glimpse into the raw and wild places of the soul is part of her job requirement. So she sings the story of life unfolding- sometimes brutal, sometimes beautiful, but always honest.


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