Sunday, March 30, 2008

Terry Lee Hale

Saturday April 12th at 9.00pm, Rose's West End Bar, Lismore

1953 - San Antonio, Texas: Born into an army family Terry Lee attended 10 schools in 10 different cities. After finishing high school in Yakima, Washington he set out for Seattle , then California and continued from there to travel in the States all the while learning to play guitar and write songs. TLH has worked as a carpenter, truck driver, farm and ranch hand, cook, laborer, bar tender, booking agent and various other occupations to support himself, his daughter (as a single parent) and his music. From the first time he heard Bill Haley's "Rock Around The Clock" he wanted to be a guitar player and indeed, bought his first Stella when he was 14. Terry Lee has lived and traveled extensively in America and, since 1993, in Europe as well. Currently keeping a house in Seattle where he has lived since January of 1984, he spends most of his days writing and touring in Europe. While in Europe he resides in France. His first appearances on record were on 1987's - "Lowlife" compilation from Ironwood Records and the following year with the song "Dead Is Dead" on SubPop 200.

Now, there are 12 Cd's released in Europe, all of them on German recording labels starting in 1993 with " Oh What A World" on Normal Records. The next 8 CD's ( Frontier Model, The Wilderness Years, Tornado Alley, Leaving West, Old Hand, Blue Room, Frozen, Tender Loving Hell: The Best Of…) were with Glitterhouse and the last release (Celebration What For) in 2004 with Blue Rose. Also with Blue Rose was one self-titled release called Hardpan and one live CD/DVD - Hardpan Live - featuring Chris Burroughs, Joseph Parsons Todd Thibaud and Terry Lee Hale.


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The Terry Lee Hale gig was fantastic! Live music at its best. Sometimes we underestimate the importance of Lismore as a venue for live music. See what Terry Lee Hale thought of the night at