Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Shed are coming!

Saturday January 19th at 9.00pm, Rose's West End Bar, Lismore
Q. Who are The Shed?
A. The Shed are a Cork, Ireland based band/collective with a floating membership of up to ten who offer up a most organic take on the melange of music you might expect from a group whose influences range from Leadbelly to Lil Kim – and every two-bit staging post in between.

Q. That doesn’t tell us much - where are The Shed from?
A. The Shed are mostly from Cork with the exception of their most fragrant and hirsute member, Kirsty Stewart, who hails from South Africa.

Q. What are they like live?
A. Well, for a band who sit down in concert (don’t rush to judgement; Jerry Lee Lewis also sits down in concert, technically speaking.) they sure make a most racous and rootsy noise much beloved of the punters, especially those at their now legendary series of gigs at The Roundy, in Cork. (Their first live outing was at a friend’s wedding. It was a truly disastrous affair and nearly ruined the whole ocassion. Luckily, an old trooper from the cabaret scene was on hand to rescue the night and soon had the wedding party engaged in a most exhilerating conga to the Birdie Song. The Shed prefer not to reflect on this particular performance and now pretend it never took place. Honesty and integrity are so often the first casualties in the cutthroat world of rock and roll.)

Q. But their album sounds a much more polished affair than what you are describing?
A. It certainly does and that’s because producer Froggy is quite possibly the bastard child of Phil “Wall of Sound” Spector and Brian “Sing it from the sandbox” Wilson. Most of the album was recorded in his studio in Minane Bridge, in Co Cork. Other members of The Shed firmly believe that Cormac would put Phil and Brian in the ha’penny place when it comes to obsessiveness in the studio.

Q. Where can I catch The Shed?
A. Rose's West End Bar on Saturday January 19th at 9.00 and at

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