Monday, June 11, 2007

World Music: Niwel Tsumbu and Éamonn Cagney

Saturday June 16th at 9.00pm in Rose's West End Bar, Lismore
Over the last 50 years Central Africa has built itself an incredible reputation for giving birth to many of the World’s greatest guitarists, and Congolese Niwel Tsumbu is a fitting ambassador to carry that torch forward into the 21st Century. Raised on the traditional Soukous and Rhumba music of his homeland, he began playing from an early age, and went on to study both jazz and classical guitar - enrolling secretly in a classical music school where he also studied saxophone for a year.

The leader of several bands including Sumu, Motema and Jazmu- all of whom played at many festivals around Ireland including The Dun Laoghaire Festival of World Cultures, The Bray Jazz Festival and Limerick Global Beats Festival- Niwel is truly a musical innovator.

Drawing his influences from far and wide, his elegant and fluent guitar playing feature draw expression from his past experiences with African rhythms, rhumba, jazz, classical, and much more besides.

Niwel is currently working with percussionist Éamonn Cagney. Having studied Guinean and Irish percussion, Cagney worked intensively in Ghana with members of the Kake Ensemble and brings an instinctive understanding of Niwel's musical vision - together they have what has been described as a "unique meeting of minds".

The duo recorded their first album, Uh! Eze nzela molayi (Oh! It's a long way) in 2006. Their music was featured on the Southern Fried 2 compilation album and their set went down a storm at the launch party in Decmber 2007. They tour regularly throughout the country. Weblink

This gig takes place during the Immrama Lismore Festival of Travel Writing, more details at


Omaniblog said...


Have you been at the travel writing festival? If so, how was it?

Brian O'Mahony said...

The Immrama Lismore Travel Writing Festival was a big success. Excellent presentations and discussions and big appreciative crowds. Niwel and Eamonn's gig was a blast. House full!