Monday, October 30, 2006

Experience the Music of West Africa

Niwel Tsumbui & Eamon Cagney
Rose's West End Bar, Lismore, Friday November 17th at 9.00pm
West Africa has a great guitarist tradition, and Congolese Niwel Tsumbu is a fitting ambassador to carry that torch. Raised on the traditional Soukous and Rhumba music of his homeland, he began playing from an early age, and went on to study both jazz and classical guitar. The leader of several bands, including Sumu, Motema and Jazmu, Niwel is truly a musical innovator. Drawing his influences from far and wide, his elegant and fluent guitar playing feature draw expression from his past experiences with African rhythms, rhumba, jazz, classical, and much more besides. He is accompanied for this recital and CD launch by the Cork based percussionist Eamon Cagney. Weblink

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