Monday, August 07, 2006

Bruce Mathiske plays late Summer gig in Ballyrafter

Bruce Mathiske
Friday August 25th, 9.00pm, Ballyrafter House Hotel
What are they Saying about Bruce?
"... Astonishing."
- Mike Hart, Edinburgh Festival.

"old or new, the Australian Virtuoso is equally at home on both"
- Hugh Nolan, Tele-Mirror

"He is a master Guitarist, an absolute Virtuoso"
- Bruce Elder, 7:30 Report on ABC TV.

- Mike Maloney, National Radio R.T.E, Ireland

"... the best guitarist in the country."
- Bruce Elder, Sydney Morning Herald.

"... this guy's a real threat."
- Chet Atkins, C.G.P. (Nashville U.S.A)

"There isn’t a seat to spare as the crowd pours in, then the virtuosic Australian solo guitarist, Bruce Mathiske, strides onstage and he not such much oozes charisma but pulses it in the rhythm of his playing as he plugs in his guitar. Tall, striking and funny, he immediately provokes an enthusiasm not usually seen in an icily modern Arts Centre with his solo guitar version of Eleanor Rigby. There was a man who was having fun.
He launched right into the show, following the Beatles classic with his own rendition of the theme from Black Orpheus and then straight into Bach’s Toccata, all played with gusto and a style rarely encountered. Listeners were treated to songs combining elements of swing, Spanish, rock, Cuban, blues, gypsy, pop, jazz, easy listening, folk and more with style, he is in his own words "uninhibited by direction" and surpasses expectations at every turn.
With newly-turned-Cuban-style Caravan Bruce gave us a demonstration of how he writes for solo guitar - combining the work of three. The Australian takes on the role of bass, rhythm and lead on his one acoustic guitar, with unnatural-looking hand contortions and fingers than move faster than a hummingbird on speed. Every guitarist in the place turned green with envy.....
Unfortunately the show is now coming to an end, and let me tell you, a man who can play the guitar and the didgeridoo at the same time can only command the greatest respect.
Catch him live if he’s within 100 miles of your town. Whatever your type of music there’s something for you in this show. Genres? Bah,who needs’em? It’s all Mathiske in the end." (Anna Murray – Claus-Irish Music Scene 19 August 2004)

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Johnny B said...

Great show, Bruce showed a real Diversity of styles, from spanish to american, to Australian, even a song about Athlone! quality guitar player and a really enjoyable show.