Monday, June 19, 2006

Gigs for July 2006

Leslie Dowdall
Saturday July 1st, Rose's West End Bar at 9.00pm
Leslie Dowdall first came to attention with her involvement in the 80's as the voice of the band "In Tua Nua" that fused celtic traditions with rock. Leslie Dowdall's solo career started with the release of her first album in 1997, 'No Guilt, No Guile'. The album won high praise for the creativity, vision and the soulful vocals for so long hidden beneath the music of the past. As a result, Leslie won the 1997 'Best Solo Female' artist at the Heineken/Hot Press Music Awards. Her second album 'Out There' released in 1998 not only confirmed Leslie's ability as one of Irelands best female singers but also confirmed her talent as a songwriter. All the tracks on this album are original, the exception being the Jimi Hendrix song 'Angel' which receives tremendous attention from the songstress. This new album was a continuation of the passage taken with "No Guilt, No Guile", a continued interest in gentler, more reflective, vocally driven songs.

In 1999 Leslie featured in a series of Beatles Celebration Concerts at the National Concert Hall. The concerts were conducted by the Beatle's producer Sir George Martin. Then renewing a previously successful partnership, she appeared as guest vocalist on Ronan Hardiman's second solo album 'Anthem' released in 2000. Leslie was the featured vocalist in the musical production 'The Flight of the Earls' composed and written by Mary Ronayne-Keane. In October 2001 Leslie was involved in Paul Brady's epic 23 date gigs in Vicar Street, with other guests such as Bonnie Raitt, Van Morrison, Sinead O'Connor and many more.

Spencer Bohren
Friday July 7th, Rose's West End Bar at 9.00pm

Spencer Bohren lovingly calls New Orleans home, but for much of any given year, he can be found roaming the globe, sharing his deep love of American blues, folk and gospel music. Enthusiastic audiences rise to their feet night after night to celebrate Spencer's unique mix of traditional and original songs, instrumental prowess and unpredictable storytelling.

While the horrific events resulting from Hurricane Katrina's devastating visit to New Orleans in 2005 have dramatically affected Spencer and his family, he, like so many others, is in the process of rebuilding his home and life. His career is healthier than ever, and a new song, 'The Long Black Line,' currently functions as a sort of post-traumatic touchstone for every New Orleanian who hears it.

Four decades as a "road scholar," concert performer and general fan of humanity have given Spencer Bohren much to share. Come and hear his songs and his stories.

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